Natural stone

We are often asked what the name Avoda Stein means or in fact if it does have a meaning! The translation from Germanic Hebrew is Labour Stone so with a bit of artistic licence we use the phrase Working with Stone. With our heritage of working with Stone you will not be surprised to learn we Stock a vast array of Natures beautiful products from Stunning Italian Marble and Travertine to Robust Limestone and Sandstone Classics. Natural Stone provides even the newest build a Story and a path back through time through its varying fossils and patterns

Angora Marble


61cm x 61cm x 1.0 cm

Baobab Limestone - Ebony


00 x 00

Baobab Limestone - Papyrus


10cm x 30cm x 1.0 cm

Bergamo Limestone - Honed


40cm x 60cm x 1.5 cm